September 11, 2010

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requirements. Advance fees are illegal, so you should never have to pay any fees upfront when you
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您想創業? 您滿意現在的收入? 您滿意現在的工作環境?
不需技術 不需囤貨 不需推銷 一台電腦就搞定一切
100%在家工作 瑣碎時間就能經營 完整教學學會即可上手
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Hello! 你好..
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Hi I am ELina Eun representing Unisys.

Unisys is an established security data processing company that specializes in identification and credentialing; biometrics; location; perimeter surveillance and security; and risk intelligence. It designs, builds, and manages mission-critical environments for businesses and governments who have no room for error. For more information, please visit

The Unisys Security Index reports global and country-specific consumer perception of pressing security issues. Unisys is releasing results from latest round of the Unisys Security Index and we were wondering if you would be interested in reporting this to your readers on your blog.

The Hong Kong results are very interesting and insightful. The press release is availible in Chinese and English. We also have the infographics that we would like to send you so please reach us so that my Chinese colleagues can speak to you regarding this.

You can email:
or call: 6807-7036
my colleague Leanne: 9379-9694
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官方總站 SS777.NET
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