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..hey hey ppl
its me again!..
today is the 24 of october..
i am listening to [海公路的出口]
..a sentimental song.. damn nice =p
sumthing happen to my sister..be happy my sister..
not having a boy frend is no big deal...
as females we must learn how to be strong always ..
even the whole wide world lands on you ..
you must be strong ..to hang on there ~!
like me..
i had learn to be strong since young maybe of poor relationships with friends..haha..but i woke up the importance of my career and ambition
..it is not easy to take it but as times go by...one can get use to it and take up the challenge..haha..
GUD NEWS! i got accepted for the arts course!and oso express!
yeah ! next year ! i m free!
hahaa..wad do i wan to tok about today ?...hmm.oh ya i think most probly about my achievements...
haha=] next year i can be with han nian already ! schools approval to let me go express already! and i oso can take my favourite course! which is art! i cant believe i can make it! haha ..
i think i will end todays post cos
nth much to write...haha=p
ok la
sign off:Huiying
tOdaY tHe HaPpY
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hii ppl !
today a day i think is the happiest!
cos..at last i get to go express..already!
my hard work paid off!
haha...i oso got selected into the arts course..
which is super cool!..
we also have homework on sketching ...i love it..
hahaa.... we had fun in skul with the event [ in protection ]
it was so fun ...we made toilet altough it cannot be used
we used black paper bag to make curtains...abo den!
Julia is really great...she didn mind wad haapened b4 and treated me as her frend of her own ..thanks julia ..we have been classmates or rather friends for 2 years already..
we been through many things to..thanks for the birthday present and the end yr present i noe too tat i will miss u this gud friend..
take care and hope next year i will see u in skul again
\/ peace out! derrick os online in this min tat i am writting this post...is he busy ?...take care man derrick i will go support ur album..and also thanks for making an msn acc to chat with us the fans..
it had been a year..and of cos tired..and worned i have been hanging there on to succeed at last i made it ..
i am able to go to express...already! and i won be able to meet Janice anymore..tats gud!thanks for giving me a torturous yr..
i will never forget how shallow relationship we had for the one yr..
........on the process of boringness....[wad kind of english is tat?]
buzy drawing and singing ...which i love!haha..i meet new ppl
his name is called yong jun..from bukit batok ite..
nice to meet u o ~!..haha
next yr is another challenging yr again ...
gamateh!..get award again ok ? jiayou ! u cannot lose!
huiying =会赢...i must win! achieve gud results and show off again..hahaa
onced again i am listening to 安静了 by S.H.E ..
i really like this song o~ ..written by jay chou! haha..

today i oso chat with hong kai! ... he is nice and he is maths shen
! i saved tution money! so gud ..
sure to excel my maths ...haha tqtq ...he is my maths shen!
i very kind to him meh ? ok onli ma ...haha jia you!

han nian told me tat the top 4 going to express already ...
i top 5 leh ...left me out .i number 5 leh ..i can go also!
yeah!。。i get to be gd frends with the top scorers!
so gud !..farewell NA level..altough i have alot of memory in there
gt sec1 yuyuan,then emilyn,samantha ,rachel koh...
bye bye ...but welcome han nian to join on board!
so happy....yeah! ..i love myself
i wan to succeed in life...wah i feeling tat i am top of the

yeah yeah! i jus feel so happy ...nth to comment .=/
haha jiayou!
๑۩۞۩๑-tOdAy iS tHe DaY !-๑۩۞۩๑
throughtrain 在天空部落發表於20:06:15 | 未分類
hey ppl!
how ur ?...
today is the report book day a!
i of cos remained 1st in class la..
a year is going to end le..so many things happened
i am so vexed!!!!!!!!
should i go express or through train ?
he!!!! i dunnoe i wana bang my head on the wall!!!!!
cry diao liao..i dunnoe dun force me..i dun wan to choose~!!! is stressing ! wad should i do ?...sob!
.............................crying process.........................
today i went to take report book..then we headed to tiong bahru ..
for luch la..but eat very little onli..
my mom bought me S.H.E s album ...
FM radio ... i like 2 songs [滨海公路的出口]and [安静了]
both songs are sad songs..
let me insert their album photos 1st..

cool rite?...quite .. this is the modern version ... i bought the 复古版。。

the songs have literally ..pronounced my feelings...
or i write the URL here :


go listen ..please ..thanks ..=]

the lyrics of the songs :
爱我还是爱你 你选择了自己
撒娇的 可爱的 粘人的 爱哭的 照片里 cen经都是喜欢的
如今我还在原地 你选择了自己

分开是一种解脱 让你好好的想过
我想要的那片天空 你是不是能够给我

你说我给你太多 却不能给我什么
分不清激情 承诺 永恒或迷惑
爱情是一道伤口 我们各自痛苦
沉默是我最后温柔 是因为我太爱你

梦想中属于我们的婚礼 安静了在我枕边的梦里
爱不是1加1 努力就有结局

撒娇的 可爱的 粘人的 爱哭的 照片里 cen经都是爱着你的
脸颊的泪还温热 却没有人握我的手
this are the lyrics la..
i write them here all by my own ...dun waste it..

hmm now not so sad already ..but i hope next year will be better then this year..and everything is a fresh new start..
now at home i am packing my things for next year
rather busy but still can play with my computer
haha..of cos mean while listening to [安静了]

rather stress now..i go and play with myself le.bb=]

wad about today ...
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hiie ppl or i should say viewers
...how many days did i make this blog..
?? i think haf 4 days le..
haha..last nite i was so busy replying ppl on msn
and the most best was msning with SINGER DERRICK HOH WEI JIAN
so cool ...we had 16 ppl msning at the same time
then we chat with him
wah so gud! tq tq
then of cos gt my fren o ...
haha..he so nice o ..ta pei wo dao hen wan
after that we sms each other haha until i fell asleep
..next day i sms him which is today ...
morning haha...wan to see his pic ma ? kk hahaa
it seems like we haf been toking for the whole day ..
cool ...kkk his pic la

and of cos my dear little fren heng !!!
haha small pig! who loves to sleep ...no wonder at nite cannot sleep
haha ...but seriously he is nice lo
jia you o!
sho pic again ? okok

today i was toking with my teacher ...
then another came and told me tat i won a [biggest improvement award] thanks for those who support me and helped me
in this year ...
thrusday is the day to go on stage to take the award .. haha
then i oso tmr take report book
..my results are gud and let me take the express train
today lovellel ask me to help her keep her sicence exam paper..
i said ok cos i noe they dun like me but make use of me //nvm de
after this year..i m free ..meanwhile writting this blog..i m listening to a song [unknown] paiseh a..
i dunnoe the name but is from luo zhi xiang de ..
is kinda sad feeling..
haha... facebook ..de austin so funny
when did his fb become a farm yard ?
he say he like snakes and rabbit ..but not insects haha
anyway thanks for those i luv ...and those who helped me
thanks !
if i have to modify ..i will be back !
a day when all are being summarise
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yos! ppl ....
i think i will have alot to write today ...
cos ..i think quite many things happened...
i broke record of chatting with my frens from malaysia ..
as i intro last post... h3NG LO..haha..he pei wo until 2.35am
chat chat ...we chat many things de [secret]
but honestly he is a nice person ..
then i woke up at..5.30am ..haiz so tired..
knew should listen to him ..and slp..but wo she bu de !
pi la!
no such tihngy ???? ...
then i went skul and waste time ..haiz..but quite fun ..
cos we took a class photo together ..although i noe julia they all dun like me..but thanks for letting me joining into the grp ..
then mrs ho told us about the EMB3=english,maths and 3 other best subject ...mus be less then 15 points...
i have 10 points..haha
i feel today is a laxed day... cos i toked to joy and i realised
that the year is going to end ..i m goin to leave this torturous year...i cannnot take it.anymore
sumtimes i will break down
and cry ... things change frends ... academically ,famliy ..
many else.. have ur heard of..所有的变化,所有的事都能习惯。。但失去亲人是永远不可能习惯的。。
i agree very much about the meaning ...i ever thought of ..when my close one passs away which is [CHOI] [TOUCH WOOD] ! i can feel how sad can it be ...how 不习惯can it be ..
..while writting this post ..i m listening to a song by 黄美珍
爱琏its a very nice and sentimental song ..
i like it very much ...
then next i tok to yue min ...as i intro in the last post..
he told me ...he went to midvalley to watch movie then alot of ppl look at him cos he looks like super-junior-T de leetuk lo
haha very shuai rite?
..i comforted him ..and ask him 我所认识的帅少是开朗的嘛!dun b like these ok ?....cos is heart breaking o~! cos u my fren o!~
he might not be very tall but at least he is a nice person
....although he spent 80% of his life commited to sex..but he
is still a nice person ...=.=
then meanwhile i still got chat with wong la..
he very nice too at least he say i pretty ..hahaha
funny pits
its goin to be a year soon ..
many things happen and at the same time ..i grow up even more..
i m not so naive as b4..
not so dumb as b4...but as things change i mus ..get use to it ...
i dun like to get use to things and change all the sudden ..
cos i am really not used to it
its still early ..
i later cum back to ...modify ok ??
then b lo ~!
yue min jia you!
frens[yue min] [weixiong][heng]
throughtrain 在天空部落發表於12:02:26 | 未分類


第一位yue min la..他超好笑!! 第一次和他聊天,差点从椅子掉出来
为什么呢?。。他一直跟我说sex 有关这三个字的东西。。。哈哈太好笑了
第二位wei xiong lo ..
他也刚刚出门了哈哈。。 虽然我们大家是从不一样的国家但可以沟通
its not easy la..but both olso my gud friends la..so ur must take care of urslef ok ? haha tonight chat with ur again lo...haha
i m watching a ghost show ...rite now ! very scary de ..
tats y ..at cinema ..never watch haunted movies..later jump out of seat ..haha..
kk later iu will be back to modify okay ?
sign off : huiying
i am back once again ..! haha..today ..is really a gud day for me ..
haha..introduce another fren from malaysia..
he is called heng ..haha..

haha...he very nice de ..and approachable..
i think i spelt correctly rite?
haha kk...this is nuts..
then who is fruit? ..haha..he very man de lo...
when feel sad i for sure go to him de ..
heng u mus jia you! haha...
now...theres nothing to do ..so boring nothing but blogging like mad lo..
haha ... manfred is on9 liao..but wad to tok to him ??
i dun noe ..
haha...since nth to tok about then dun tok lo
save alot of time de ..kk
very tired liao
就此停笔haha ..
everyone good nites!
today is the 18 otcober
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hiie ppl ...this is my 4th blog..
i have one at sina ,one at skul one at friendster and one over here la..
cos is too boring?..haha
this blog not bad..but i think i mus take up trad chinese cos..sum i dunnoe how to read but can guess ..haha
today is the saturday...18 october ..wad a boring day..
i woke up in the morning exactly at 8.30am ..then i went back to sleep cos too tired liao..
my eyes were like [super glued]
toking about yesterday..i m very happy...
i went on9 msn then got many ppl look for me to chat ..haha..got jason kor la..of cos..
many things happen lately...like i got 1st in class again..5th in whole level ..so happy ..
its been a long time tat i haf been waitin ...for the results day..
i must achieve in my studies..so tat one day i can be a singer snd a fashion designer..
cos tats my ambition ?? ..wth ..
weijian ! ...thxnks for ur tips and encouragment cos i made it ..all thanks to u lo!
haha..and of cos my determination ..
i make this blog... for another motive ..haha..is a secret..
kk in my photo gallery ...is me and my very very gud friend in friendster..
he is called reno..
...maybe many dunnoe wad is friendster bahz?...
go chack it urself is sumthing like facebook...
yup go check and make one urself..cos u will get to meet many ppl from malaysia and singapore ..which is my hometown..haha
i made many friends..there is not surprising if ur see a person with 3000 max ppl ..cos is jus adding ?
kk no more of it .abit headach..i caught a flu..
haha..at last is holiday..
next year is a brand new year...
hope it will be as gd as tis year bahz
and definately ...not forgettin to promo my idol ..DERRICK HOH WEI JIAN ..
haha..faster go get a copy of 无法归类专辑。。
cos is too gud la!
i bought 3 of it how about u ?..but to b honest ...the events held in singapore was really great got more 互动。。with many giaps...haha ..
wei jian wo men hen xiang ni o ~
kk i wrote quite long..liao mus sign off ..=.~
sign off : huiying ..~

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